Dear Broadway at the Retter & Co. Theatre in the Toyota Center subscriber,


Thank you so much for your continued support of the Broadway at the Retter & Co. Theatre in the Toyota Center seasons throughout the past 13 years. Partnering with the Toyota Center to bring the best of Broadway to the Kennewick area has been an honor and a joy. 

With the current landscape of Broadway theatre, it has become increasingly difficult to bring economical tours to Kennewick due to the unprecedented cost increases associated with Broadway touring. With that, we have made the difficult decision to take a strategic pause on booking a full Broadway season in 2022-2023, as we examine the touring landscape and the market, and figure out the best way forward to bring Broadway back to the Kennewick area for future seasons.

While we pause, we may continue to present single shows at the Toyota Center, and as a former subscriber, you will have the first opportunity to secure your tickets!

Thank you again for the past 13 seasons and we look forward to seeing you again very soon!


Your friends at Nederlander National Markets, LLC