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This section is dedicated to providing information for concert and event promoters about the Toyota Center. If you have any questions please contact Corey Pearson, Executive Director: (509) 737-3701 or

Physical Address

Toyota Center physical address is  7000 West Grandridge Blvd., Kennewick, WA 99336

Mailing Address

Toyota Center mailing address is 7016 West Grandridge Blvd., Kennewick, WA 99336

Seating Capacities
  • End Stage Concert 360: 7,200
  • End Stage Concert with GA Floor: 6,500
  • End Stage Concert with Floor Seating: 5,365
  • End Stage Concert with Floor Seating: 4,665
  • 3/4 House with Floor Seating: 4,039
  • 1/2 House with Floor Seating: 3,281
  • Windermere Theater: 2,081
  • Hockey: 5,694
  • Basketball: 6,519
  • Football: 5,384
House Measurements
 Locations Measurement
Arena Floor 200′ long x 85′ wide (17,000 SQ FT)
Load-In – Single Overhead Door 14′ high x 15′ 7″ wide
Truck can back into arena; ramp down 30′ to stage
Groud to low steel* 43′
Ground to high steel 52′
Trim Height 40′ – (End Stage) 28′ – (Windermere Theatre Set)
Exhibit Space Arena Floor – 160 booths ar 10′ x 10′
  • PA can be flow
  • Broadway/Theatre rigging system information available
Dressing Room/Office:Phone Lines/DSL
Room Size Phone Lines/DSL*
Dressing Room 26.2′ x 17.7′ Telephone and internet lines available
Dressing Room 25.9′ x 19′
Dressing Room 25.9′ x 19′
Dressing Room 25.9′ x 19′
All dressing rooms have private shower and bathroom
Production Office 14′ x 15′ Telephone and internet lines available
Media Room** 14′ x 15′

* In order to connect to these telephone lines, the Production Manager must be contacted one week prior ro the Load-In.

  • There is a $45.00 charge per phone line.
  • There is a $95.00 flat rate charge for DSL locations.

** Use of the Media Room is based on advanced reservation, and is not included with the licensing of the Toyota Center without special arrangement.


Power sources at the Toyota Center include:

  • 400 AMP – Upstage Right (approx. 75′ from end stage)
  • 200 AMP – Upstage Right (approx. 75′ from end stage)
  • 800 AMP – Upsage Left (approx. 75′ from end stage) – can be divided into 200 or 400 amp services.
Miscellaneous House Equipment
Staging – Stage Right protable staging 80′ x 40′ maximum (8′ x 4′ Sections) w/ 4′-6′ height adjustment stairs and skirting available
Barricade – Stage Right 60′
Barricade – Bike Rack 480′
Forklift – Hyster 7,000 load capacity – mast height?
Genie personnel lift 30′
Spotlights – Super Trouper II, 2k bulbs (4) four – Four locations available/two spotlights per location
Ice Resurfacers (3) Three
Basketball Floors and Portable Backstops (2) Two of each
Sound System* Full Range
Washer and Dryer (1)One Set
  • Sound reinforcement suspended from arena grid
  • Multiple patch bays around arena walls
  • Clear Com – in house system – (5) five locations
Loading Area and Bus Parking
Entrance is accessible from the west parking area. Tour trucks and busses park directly outside the loading area. There is a gated parking for (6) six semis or buses. Overhead door is 14′ high x 15′ 7″ wide. Trucks can back into arena; ramp down 30′ to stage.

Pyrotechnics require appropriate notice and documentation, including a Certificate of Insurance and show script with technical specifications. Pyrotechnics must be licensed in advance and coordinated by the Toyota Center production staff.


The Toyota Center provides all staffing including stagehands, ushers, ticket takers, security, police and medical services. The Toyota Center is a non-union facility.

Ticketing Services

Ticketing services are provided by Toyota Center staff through Ticketmaster. Tickets may be purchased at the Toyota Center Ticket Office,, Ticketmaster pay by phone 1-800-745-3000 or Ticketmaster outlets (Fred Meyers stores).

The Toyota Center Ticket Office is open Monday – Friday 9am-6pm with varying hours on event days. These hours are subject to change.

Tickets purchased at the Ticket Office are not subject to convenience fees.

Group Discounts

The Toyota Center has a team of dedicated staff committed to promote and sell tickets to your event.

If you would like more information on providing group discounts to your company please call Nicole Baudendistel at (509) 737-3723.

Food and Beverage

All food and beverage services are provided by Toyota Center staff. With everything available at your fingertips from backstage catering, private events and concession stands, you will find staff to provide the highest quality of service with a variety of offerings. We will be happy to customize a menu for your event to include all of your food & beverage requirements.


We can assist with your marketing and promotion to publicize your meeting or event. Please call Jude Strde, Marketing Manager at 509-737-3706 or

Charter HD Lounge

The Charter HD Lounge is available for your next private event! For more information, please contact Shelley Ellis at (509) 737-3702 or

Site Inspections

We will be pleased to give you a special tour of our facility. Please contact Shelley Ellis at (509) 737-3702 or for a tour today!

We are available to make a formal bid presentation to your board of directors or members.